The design process of this piece originally saw Lobmeyr's traditional Schloss Hof chandelier, an early baroque glass-arm-chandelier, as a reference. The glass rods were reinvented and created a modern looking chandelier with a classic feeling. 
Inspired by the shape of traditional lanterns, the basket like structure is composed by hexagonally bent glass tubes, which are interwoven with silk chords. The lighting unit, which is what ultimately brings life into a chandelier and determines its quality as a light sculpture, consists of a twisted spiral on a slim pole with halogen bulbs.

'The young designer Marco Dessí, who was born in Italy and who is based in Vienna, has a knack for clarity. A recent case in point is his Basket chandelier for the venerable Viennese manufacturer Lobmeyr. Dessí took as its starting point the glass-tube arms of an 18th-century chandelier but employed them in a new way, bending them into hexagons, stacking them in a shape inspired by mosque lanterns and the glass-tube windows of Frank Lloyd Wright’s S. C. Johnson Administration Building, and weaving them together with jewel-toned silk cords. The result is an alluring combination of the industrial and the glamorous.'

Pilar Viladas, NY Times Magazine (2011)

Commission: Lobmeyr
Year: 2010
Photography: Klaus Fritsch