Within the framework of Space TIM for Expo 2015 curated by Marco Sammicheli, each of the five participating design studios were invited to present themselves and their work through a one-week long presentation each. There were no conceptual restrictions of any kind, on condition that the chosen display would provide some form of interaction for the visitors.

From the start the studios concept was constantly revolving around the notions of accessibility and playfulness. These notions would later allow us to create a context, in which the visitor could dynamically approach the studios diverse body of work from a completely new and unexpected angle.

The decision to place all objects on the ground and arrange them in such manner, that they come to form a minigolf course, plays into the idea of creating a new approach on how to look at objects: No pedestals, no hierarchy, but a parcours that invites the visitor to playfully move through the show with a new awareness, hence proposing to experience the works through distinctive bodily perception.

Commission:Telecom Italia
Year: 2015
Photography:Piera Castaldo