This project is sponsored by TIM and is directed by Marco Sammicheli, it highlights the possibilities of integrating design with connectivity and services. Four established designers (Marco Dessí, Odoardo Fioravanti, GamFratesi and Zaven) were given the task of reinterpreting four things Milan is famous for: art, education, music and business.In order to optimise the listening experience of the TIM Music audio streaming services, Marco Dessí has designed “TOTIM”, a sound and lighting system with Wi-Fi amplification"

by Abitare


TOTIM - totem for TIM- is a WIFI amplifier with a build in speaker and a lighting source.
Installable through a socket to a wall, or on a vertically adjustable pole the ranges of applications are many: set at a certain height it can be a lamp or a speaker box wheras its acoustic performance will increase significantly. Mounted at bedside as a reading light, or as a user-friendly companion to listen to the radio, favorite podcast or just to amplify the sound of the movie you are watching. 
The conical shape references the iconographic form of volume or a ray of light. The rounded corners provide a nice and handy grip for easy portability and a light slit elegantly closes the small gap between speaker and outter ring. TOTIM is equipped with a built in battery, which allows the use of the object independently from electronic sources; lighting and speaker function can also be operated individually. This highly technological object invites you to find your personal configuration to fill the house with music and ambience.
TOTIM was realized for Telecom Italia's contribution to the EXPO 2015 in Milan. Curator Marco Sammicheli chose five design studios that were entrusted to each present an individual product to a given topic and SMD’s task should revolve around music. This being SMD's first industrially produced electronic device, we questioned and investigated the object regarding to its content as well as its form, and readily made use of our experience from the worlds of product and furniture design: our approach clearly resonates in the design of this industrially manufactured product treated like a traditional piece of furniture. TOTIM is a very simple and intuitive object, that aims at blurring the line between a lamp and a sound system!
Commission:Telecom Italia
Year: 2015
Photography:Matthias Aschauer
Visuals:Wildruf Form